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My website is undergoing some changes:

You will no longer find the Shop page, but you can still Custom Order any of the items previously found in my shop at no extra cost,* as well as any other crocheted items you can possibly imagine!

Email your inquiries to, or contact me on social media, and we can discuss the possibilities!

*(Pricing is still based on cost of supplies and hours of labour, only the ordering process has changed to better suit the made-to-order production process)


Fancyplant’s Yarns

Beautiful crochet items made to last!

Selling custom crochet items, I aim to bring your visions to life with a little bit of creativity and a whole lot of yarn! No matter how specific or vague your initial idea is, I am excited to work with you to design and produce the perfect yarn creation for you.

Email to begin the inquiry process.

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"Working with Fancyplant's Yarns was an easy process - from the beginning conversation, to conception and quoting, to receiving the final product, I couldn't be more pleased. This recreation of my dog in yarn is almost as adorable as the real thing!"

6", pet look-a-like plushie


Get to Know Fancyplant

Welcome to Fancyplant's Yarns, it's so good to have you! I'm Fancyplant! I have a passion for creating! My favourite part is sharing the things I create with others! Since I can only bless my family and friends with so many hats and scarves, I decided to open this shop to share my creations with others. I am constantly being inspired to create new items, so be sure to follow me on Instagram @fancyplantsyarns to get a sneak peek at my latest creations!

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